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it may seem like you need to buy some expensive gear to make good videos but in reality it’s not the case if you’re just starting a youtube channel or want to post quick videos on social media all you really need is a smartphone and not specifically an expensive one i will show you the five best budget smartphones with a good camera for shooting photos and videos let’s go hi my name is arthur and welcome to the movavi vlog and number five is the oppo a53 that costs around 150 us dollars the 13 megapixel camera with f 2.2 aperture and the 16 megapixel front facing camera with f 2.0 aperture the rest are the 2 megapixel depth sensor and the 2 megapixel macro sensor there’s the ai tag built into it ai beautification as they call it and the flashlight of course and here is my opinion based on the test footage that i saw on youtube the photos are looking really good for the camera at this price a good amount of details in the image it’s not oversaturated unlike samsung smartphones for example the overall color temperature is drawn closer to colder shades if we crop the image we’ll start noticing the areas where the picture is washed out and a little noisy and this is in daylight i like the dynamic range on this camera and the ability to turn on the hdr mode is also very nice but nothing too exciting this mode just brings up the shadows a little now let’s move to the close-up shots i was expecting the autofocus to work better but in reality it’s not stable and you need to pay a decent amount of effort to catch the correct focus point i was very surprised by its portrait mode i expected to see worse results with this phone skin tones are very close to reality face detection and edge detection also works well and it’s very surprising because even iphones are not perfect at this low light filming is possible but the scene needs to be evenly lit with light the more shadows you have in the image the more noise you’re gonna get i can quickly call this footage unusable even the f 2.2 aperture doesn’t help to fix this and there is no night mode in this camera a53 shoots video in 1080 resolution with up to 30 frames per second and overall quality is average it’s not bad and you can shoot videos on youtube with it but don’t expect much from this camera low bitrate no optical stabilizer which may be why some of you will decide not to buy the smartphone front-facing camera give you some nice photos ai beautification kinda works only for some quick selfies but really not more than that i would not shoot a video on this camera just something really quick for instagram stories so all that makes oppo a53 a good beginner camera phone for those of you with a minimal budget but if you have a bit more than that take a look at this option if a good smartphone for filming isn’t the only thing you’re looking for as a beginner on youtube i guess you might like the news i want to share with you right now a big sale is underway on the official movavi website and the cool thing about this sale is that you can find there not just some standalone apps by movavi but also many awesome software bundles at great discounts for example i recommend you check out movavi unlimited this annual personal plan includes 11 movavi programs for your creative work and one year unlimited access to the movavi effects store i’ll leave the links you might need in the description so you can go check it out yourself the samsung galaxy a50 which costs around 200 us dollars the main 25 megapixel camera the ultra wide 8 megapixel camera the 5 megapixel depth camera and the 25 megapixel front facing camera if you want to make some sexy slo-mo videos you can do it but there are some limitations 240 fps available only in 720 and normal speed shooting up to 30 fps in 1080 yes no 4k just full hd there are seven shooting modes panorama pro which is not so exciting to be honest you can control iso white balance and exposure not too much for the pro mode i would suggest downloading some third-party apps for this live focus or in other words portrait mode where you can change the amount of blur in real time or later in the editing process then the photo mode video mode slo-mo and hyperlapse there is no optical stabilization in this camera and the autofocus in the video mode is very very slow they’ve also added this button to activate this fancy ai mode it automatically color correct your image brightness etc i don’t see this feature as very practical but you should definitely play around with it i really like this small feature when you make a top-down shot a50 will help you balance the camera with the help of the dot in the middle of the screen overall performance of this camera i would say good for its price it’s a little bit over saturated that most samsung cameras are guilty of portrait mode looks sketchy the blur might jump around the subject occasionally however expected to see worse results low light shooting is where the image falls apart i mean it’s not really bad but i would not shoot my youtube videos in low light with this camera but when this scene is properly filled with light the quality and the details really start to pop out wide angle photos and videos are looking very good with a small amount of distortion however you start losing information with this mode close up shots are looking better than wide shots giving you this nice blur in the background in summary good lighting good footage but i would not recommend it for shooting any low light scene good size wide angle camera close-up shots but the rest somewhere in the middle not very exciting but definitely a decent starter camera when you have already filmed everything and the video is ready to publish you need to design the thumbnails and social media posts you need to do this quickly because we youtubers have a pretty intense schedule for this the online graphic editor crello is perfect making graphic design accessible to the widest range of users you don’t need to be a professional designer to use crello the interface is very intuitive contains many templates and allows you to create images and short animated videos to publish on social media preload gives you access to the stock site deposit photos it offers over 200 million media files such as images footage and audio tracks and all this is royalty free our promo code will provide you with a 30 discount on your subscription you can also follow the link in the description to learn more about crello and the subscription plans next up is the honor 10x lite which sits at around the same price as galaxy a50 148 megapixel camera with f 1.8 aperture and the wide angle 8 megapixel camera with f 2.4 aperture and we get a 2 megapixel depth sensor and 2 megapixel macro sensor not surprised i don’t know who really needs this macro sensor unless you just want to play around with it and it has a flashlight of course you can record 1080 videos with up to 30 frames per second and you can stabilize while recording but in the process of filming you can switch to wide angle which is very nice you get realistic colors and average dynamic range not many details to be honest if they would change the main camera to the google camera that would have been a great camera phone but comparing it with some other cameras in that price range it’s an average level camera the ai mode works well it’s not that useless wide-angle shots look good when shooting a bright scene but in low light the quality drops dramatically besides autofocus does not work on the wide angle lens the same thing goes for the night mode so in summary i would say the honor 10x light is a good camera phone that is definitely worth its money the second is the moto g9 plus which sits at around 250 us dollars not cheap but still can be considered as a budget camera phone this is one of my favorite camera phones primarily for its quad lens camera the main 64 megapixel sensor is more than enough for shooting amazing photos for social media motorola also added this fancy ai smart mode but it’s really handy ai smart will suggest to you which camera mode is helpful at any given time for you to make the best shot possible the camera holds contrast really well there are a lot of details in shadows and highlights the result is solid you get a well color balanced not oversaturated image even the photos in motion are not blurry the g9 holds up well portrait mode works fine i didn’t notice any noticeable issues this mode should definitely be used indoor shots may seem a little washed out but a night mode cuts away all the noise bringing up contrast when it gets completely dark they added the wide angle lens but i don’t like what we’re getting out of this lens a little blurry and noisy and yes moto g9 plus shoots video at 4k with clean audio autofocus is pretty quick and stabilization works really well there are many upsides to the smartphone’s camera and if you have that kind of budget it would be a good choice for a solid start to your career as a content creator before we get to the first place i want to share with you one very exciting camera it’s not a smartphone but a device that attaches to your smartphone this camera supports micro four thirds lenses and gives you a professional image quality high dynamic range and incredible low light performance to shoot with this camera you need to pair it with your smartphone using the olympus air app the app looks like many third-party apps for shooting videos on your smartphone so you will find it very familiar but the fact that you are able to connect your smartphone with the camera this way is just amazing there’s the guy robin wong that made a more in-depth review of this camera i just wanted to let you know about this exciting camera it costs around 300 us dollars that’s why i decided to include this camera in today’s list however it’s very hard to buy it by the time i record this video still it’s definitely the future of smartphone photography and videography let’s hope to see more cameras like this one in the future next up google pixel 4a for 350 us dollars almost in any pixel smartphone you will get a solid camera with great optics in pixel 4a there is just one but an excellent 12.2 megapixel rear camera you will get high contrast photos natural colors high dynamic range a lot of details and surprisingly good low light capabilities in terms of photo details the pixel 4a might win a battle with some of the more pricey smartphones you get fast dual pixel autofocus and optical stabilization however in the a model you don’t get the coprocessor for faster image processing for example if you make series of photos it will take a while for the smartphone to process these images but they’ve added some useful software features you can switch from photo to video mode by holding the button you can adjust highlights and shadows and there is the super res zoom feature the portrait mode is very impressive given some beautiful results even though there is no depth sensor we have the front facing 8 megapixel camera 4k up to 30 fps and here is what i feel missing in this camera there is no wide angle lens and there is no optical zoom but let’s face it it’s a budget smartphone with a really good performing main camera i appreciate that there are no kind of useful features that were added just for the sake of adding them and will rarely use them in practice i recommend this camera if you don’t care about other ai features and this depth and macro sensors it’s not a very cheap smartphone but might be a great option for some of you and it’s worth every single dollar if you want to learn more check out an article on the top 10 best camera phones on the movavi learning portal check out the link in the description and check out one of this videos if you want to learn more about the content creation process let me know in the comments which camera you’re shooting with or what camera you plan to shoot with hit the like button

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